Heart Touching Love Messages for Him to make Him Love You More!

Have you ever said anything sweet about his looks or the way he handles the relationship, the fights, and the pressure of everything, with calm? No matter how much people say that boys don’t need to be showered with love messages, they really do crave for it. You should start to think of some heart-touching love messages for him.

In fact, love messages for both partners are important for the relationship to keep going. Fights in a relationship are mandatory so is the importance of love messages in a couple’s life. If you feel the boat is going down, then you both have to talk your ways to mend it.

Do you think men don’t feel the vibes? 

Some boyfriends play really hard not to show what they want, but if they are with the right person, they will open up about their needs and wants. They will want to live in each moment spent with you. Especially in long-distance relationships, where both of you are busy in your own worlds, it’s hard to track what is going on in each other’s minds. If you can’t call each other most of the time throughout the day, then send text messages.

Don’t let your boyfriend feel that there is no room for him, apart from you, to be emotional at the end of the day or anytime. Any loving word can heal or improve your relationship with your partner. Words work like magic when put correctly and also the ability to make or break a person.

Heart Touching Love Messages for Him:

The most heart touching love messages which can make your boyfriend feel amazed and special:

1. “I am happy when I am with you”

When you feel like he is not feeling good about himself in this relationship, say this to him. It is okay if he confesses he is not able to give his 100% in the relationship. It is both of your tasks to cheer each other up when you can’t give your full. This will strengthen both your friendship and relationship. No relationship is complete without friendship.

2. “When you grow old, I will still love a wrinkled you”

You can say this message out of the blue! Why? Because sometimes sudden expressions or messages of love will surely make him love you more and can make him emotional too. If you love to dedicate two-liner poems to your boyfriend, this kind of touching love message will make him cry.

3. “You are like the sweet song which is stuck in my mind and lips all day”

Melodious songs are meant to be loved. Songs keep us going on both a happy day and a tough day. Similarly, when you love him, his thoughts, his sweet words also keep you going all day.

 4. “You look handsome in this outfit”

Even if it is your 20th date, compliment him on how he looks. You might not know how hard he works to look good for the date with you. Or even if he doesn’t try, because you have become comfortable with each other, then also you must compliment him sometimes. It will make him good about himself.

5.“I am here with you”

This message is simple but carries enough emotions to make him believe in you and love you more, which will further strengthen your relationship. When he is having a breakdown in front of you or on call, be with him and say these words. It will give him a ray of hope, on a cloudy day.

6.“I love when you look at me like that”

This message will make him smile, make him blush; he might even try to hide it! Or you can also compliment his sweet smile. Boys love it when their partners compliment any feature of them.

Suppose when your boyfriend is with his group, he doesn’t get enough compliments from them. The major reason is that most boys are taught that complimenting other boys, about their physical appearance or any other traits will make them weak. So don’t stop showing that you admire your boyfriend.

7.“I will never stop choosing you”

When he is on the verge of losing his self-confidence, stand with him. Assume he won’t ask for it but might want you to be by his side. This is the right time when you can say this to him.

Let him know no matter how much he thinks the world doesn’t want him, but you want him, and that you are passionate for him. Yes, there might be people who will make him feel like nothing. Let him know again and again that you will stick by his side, no matter what.

 8. Let’s not stop painting the canvas of our relationship together”

This might look like a cheesy line to you, but cheesy lines are worth being a part of your relationship. Without cheesy lines in a relationship, it will not taste good. There will not be anything cringe to discuss with your boyfriend during 3 AM moments. Moreover, this message will let him know that more colors can be added to your relationship by being both fun and serious.

9.“My life was incomplete, you came and filled it with joy and hope”

This message is perfect to say to him when you are taking vows. However, you can also send this message to him when you are far away and missing each other. Men also love when you send him this type of loving “I miss you” text.

10.“Opposites attract, but people alike stick together through every storm”

When things start to cool down after a fight between you two, you can send this message to him. Remind him of the things that you both love, and say this to him when you both are having a doubt about your relationship. Address the problems you are facing and recall the good memories.

11.“I will never stop annoying you”

This is a goofy message which will make him laugh and be emotional at the same time. No matter how much your boyfriend shows that he is fed up with your goofiness, deep inside him, he loves it. At the end of the day, your goofiness and your love and touch are what he misses.

12.“I don’t care what others think of us as long as we are together”

Sometimes there might be people who will judge your relationship or your partner. They will judge you for the physical or other differences between you two. But don’t let these people get into your peaceful relationship.

What is morally correct for them, doesn’t have to be correct for you two. If you see the mean comments are drowning your boyfriend’s energy, then you should send this message to him.

Let him know that

  • You will be by his side no matter what
  • Others opinion will not affect your relationship at any cost
  • even if it does you both will resolve the problems

13.“Can I live in your arms forever?”

If cuddling with each other melts you in his arms, ask him this question. Sometimes you feel like he is your teddy bear. Or if you miss him for being away from each other for a long time, then also you can ask him this question. He will love it! Make relationships fun, not suppressed, and serious.

These are some of the messages which you can say to your partner on text message or on call, depending on the situation. What you feel like saying to him, you might not be able to say to him exactly the same and vice versa.

Words limit the essence of your thoughts. So don’t blurt out anything whatever you feel like. Learn the depth of each situation, of each moment, and then speak.

Another way in which you can try to send a loving message to your boyfriend is before you both head to work, sneak a love note in his pocket or in his wallet. It will startle him when he is doing lunch in his office and will feel loved. Or stick a love note by his bedside.

However, while making him feel loved, don’t forget to tell your boyfriend if you are feeling left out. Communication is the key; don’t let miscommunication come in your way. Even if it comes, make sure to resolve it at the earliest.

Bottom line

To sum up, the key to a healthy relationship is a strong friendship. A strong friendship will let you make your boyfriend be a part of every journey you are on and vice versa. Be humble, be carefree, be happy, be sad, fight but hold on to your boyfriend if you think he is the right person for you. Use these heart-touching love messages to express your love consistently.

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