The Pros and Cons of Being in a Long Distance Relationship-Ensuring a Strong Connection

Being in a long-distance relationship can be hard and strenuous at times. Sometimes it’s not just the miles that make it difficult but also the time zone difference, bad phone reception, or just general lack of communication that makes everyday life feel like an uphill battle. However, there are many benefits of being in this type of relationship as well. Let’s analyze the Pros and Cons of a Long Distance Relationship.

An eminent musician quoted, ‘Long-distance relationships are tough, but like other worth having things, you can surely make it worth’. Times have changed, and so are the priorities for many people. We all want to have a relationship that’s stable, exciting and filled with love, but at the same time, we all strive for stability in our careers and other goals in life.

All good things in life cannot be served on one single plate, and thus, you will have to compromise on some factors or the other, until you are too lucky to get it all in a go.

Long-distance relationships have become common in the past decade, owning to traveling for work, or other reasons for that matter. However, with the technological evolution, the hardships of long-distance relationships are minimized, and even when you are separated by distance, you get a chance to feel closer by technology.

Like close relationships, a long-distance relationship also comes with its own pros and cons, and that’s what we are about to weigh in the following write-up.

Pros of Long Distance Relationship

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder, Yes Indeed, provided you make sure distance doesn’t take over everything else and cause a rattle in your relationship. Long-distance relationships come with their own challenges and rewards, and that’s what we tend to discuss here. Let’s know about the rewards that accompany long-distance relationships;

1. You get a lot of “Me Time”

Yes, when you are not too close to your partner or spouse, you definitely get a lot of ‘Me Time’ to yourself. So there’s no fuss about reaching the coffee shop for that planned date or running from work to make time for your loved one.

You are your own decision-maker, and you can plan the time all by yourself. This gives you the freedom to do whatever brings extra satisfaction to you, and that’s how this reward changes your life for some reason.

2. You get more ‘Flexibility’

When you are in a long-distance relationship, you probably get more flexibility to plan your day. You could choose to spend time with your friends or go for a spa session because all your time belongs to you and you do not have any responsibility to meet.

At the same time, you get the flexibility to watch your favorite show without any interference, or even cook what makes you happy, for that matter. So that’s how a lot of flexibility is added to your lifestyle.

3. The ‘Fire’ remains Alive

When you do not meet your partner every day or more often, you tend to crave for each other more. So basically, distance keeps the ‘Fire’ alive.

Although this doesn’t justify the fact that you should accept monotony when you are living with your partner, you should always strive to keep the charm alive.

However, when you meet your partner after a long time, there’s always a lot of curiosity, shyness, interest, inquisitiveness, and all other elements that keep the butterflies take rounds in your stomach.

4. You’ll appreciate your time together

We all know, we value everything that’s not available in abundance, and that’s the case of long-distance relationships. You get in the habit to appreciate the time that you people spend in each other’s company.

Well, when you meet your partner after a long break, you respect the time you both have managed for each other, and that’s when you start appreciating even the smallest things you people do for each other. This not just brings you closer but also lets each one of you know your importance in the other person’s life.

5. You get to weigh your relationship

When you are in a long-distance relationship, you are already facing that stress, anxiety, and the pain of being away from each other. In those circumstances, if you still crave for each other, and you choose to remain loyal to your partner, that’s the relationship for life.

As they say, bad time always brings great lessons. Distance lets you weigh your relationship in terms of loyalty, love, effectiveness, passion, and many more other aspects.

Cons of Long Distance Relationship

‘Out of sight is out of mind’, yes this is true, and this turns out to be the consequence of a lot of long-distance relationships. Here’s our perspective about the challenges of a long-distance relationship, take a view.

1. Lack of physical Intimacy

Lack of physical intimacy could be the reason for a lot of issues. It could be the reason your partner might cheat on you, or it could also be the main cause of depression that you might be going through off lately.

Physical intimacy in a relationship not just lets us make a stronger bond together, but it also acts as a stress buster a lot of time. And when we fail to meet our partner at times when we miss that cuddling in the bed the most, we might end up causing harm to our mental peace or might even end up cheating on our partners.

This is another big challenge in long-distance relationships that’s going to increase hardships for you and your partner.

2. Loneliness

A lot of us are introverts and we are too shy to make friends and hang out with them. There are also times when our friends can’t manage time for us each day, and that’s when we feel the most lonely in long-distance relationships.

Loneliness can also take a toll on our health, and of course mental peace. If we are not pro at managing our free time, we might end up creating frustration and irritation for our own minds.

A lot of times when we see couples wandering around us, or our friends handing out with their loved ones, we feel even lonelier and left out. This feeling might push us to depression.

3. Insecurities and jealousy

When you are not around your partner, you cannot check on their schedule, you can’t even take a sneak peek in your cell phone, and you don’t know who they meet up with and what people surround your partner the whole day. These are all the factors that lead to insecurities and jealousy.

When you live in a long-distance relationship, even something as small as an unanswered phone call could lead to a lot of insecurities and you start judging your partner. This is one of the most common and most hazardous disadvantages of long-distance relationships.

No matter how much love you have for each other, or how intense is the trust between you too, such minor things could also lead to insecurities and quarrels in relationships, which you need to handle vigilantly.

4. Mental instability

Long-distance relationships could be the cause of mental stability. There’s are a lot of times when we feel emotionally high, we have a few things in mind that we could only open up about in front of our partners, and other such aspects lead to anxiety.

Anxiety and depression are the two major challenges of long-distance relationships. At times when you do not get to talk to your partner, or share a tight hug with them, or cry in front of them, you tend to feel more lonely, which results in mental instability.

At such times, we feel lost, we cringe for almost no reason, and we end up spoiling our mood while bothering others around us.


These Long distance relationship couples may have more realistic expectations for each other which help them maintain healthy relationships with no drama. They also tend to be much more devoted because they know how precious their time together is.

They do everything possible to maximize every minute they get to spend together until he/she returns home again. This concludes our post on the Pros and cons of being in a long-distance relationship.

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