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13 The Most Romantic & Cute Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

For most couples, the night time is very important. Whether they live apart or live-in, the night is the time when they get to spend …

LOVE SYLLABUS - Reputable Advice on Love, Romance & Relationship

A relationship consists of two individuals who decide to spend their life with each other. It is a fruit of the joint efforts made by …

Communication is an essential part of a relationship, be it a romantic relationship, family, or friends. Healthy communication helps in solving all kinds of conflicts. …

This quarantine has separated a lot of us from our loved ones and if you are still living with your families, then consider yourself as …

“I Love You”, those are the three magical words everyone wants to hear from their loved ones. Then why does it become so hard to …

4 sleepless nights and 5 daydreaming days spent, just to figure out, whether your ‘special someone’ is really into you or not. Still unable to …


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"I do not just love you to the moon and back I love to the point that fall even beyond the moon." Love Syllabus

"Our wedding album will turn old someday But you will remain my only hero for life." Love Syllabus

"My love for you knows no season No distinction between days and nights My love for you only knows that I want to spend most of my time with you With you, I have the strength to turn all the wrongs into rights." Love Syllabus

"I feel the warmest when I wear your jacket Perhaps this is exactly the magic of love they talk about." Love Syllabus

"I love you like you love your favorite football club I am even crazier for you." Love Syllabus