100+ Best and Funny Instagram Bios For Engineers & Engineering Students

Instagram is a visual platform that can help you connect with your audience. As an engineer, you would definitely want to share pictures of your creations/projects.

You can showcase your day-to-day or professional life, hobbies, and interests. The trick is to create a captivating bio that will make people want to follow you on Instagram. 

In this blog, I am sharing a collection of the best Instagram bios and captions for engineers and engineering students. This list also includes some funny and creative engineering Instagram bios and captions.

Best Instagram Bios For Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers are the reason we have the electricity supply every time in our homes. We can’t imagine our life without electricity as we need it for every single purpose in our home from washing clothes to cooking food in the oven.

We should thank them for their contribution to society and for these electrical engineers, here are some bios that they can use on their Instagram.

  • I will do everything with high frequency and less resistance because I’m an electrical engineer.
  • As an electrical engineer, I’ll not fall in love, I’ll find a terminal with an opposite pole.
  • I have the right spark because I’m an electrician.
  • In ancient times people who used to sacrifice their sleep, family, and food were called saints and now they are called engineers.
  • Current does not flow between equipotential surfaces but I made a mistake and fell in love with a girl having the same potential as me.
  • You’re an electrical engineer unless you repair your home appliances.
  • Mathematics and Computing are bridged by electrical engineering.
  • I haven’t failed but I just found the way in which I should not make a circuit!
  • You can find a good doctor anywhere, but finding an electrical engineer is the most hectic task.
  • By my knowledge and intelligence, I’m an engineer, but I’m an electrician by my profession.
  • Do you know why Mr. Ohm married Mrs. Ohm? Because he could not resist-or!
  • Electrical engineers are current specialists which is why they are always up to date.
  • If you look at the bunch of wires, you’ll see how complex they are and so is human life and if you’ll not solve them with a calm mind, they will get entangled.
  • There’s a difference between science and engineering; scientists learn about nature and engineers try to make something that doesn’t exist in nature.
  • Engineers love problems, if there are not any, they will create their own.
  • Wanna know the importance of electrical engineers? Try to have an electric shock.
  • You’ll get a pair of shocks if you stepped on an electric fence barefoot.
  • My wife said to me that we don’t have a spark between us, so I gave her a shock and now she’s been sleeping for the last two hours. I hope we have it now!
  • You can become an electrical engineer easily but you can’t act like an electrician easily!
  • You’re an electrical engineer as long as you take precautions, once you stop, you’re nothing more than a lying corpse.
  • Electrical engineers chant ohm when they meditate.
  • An old electrical engineer was dying and then he called his grandson and gave him a piece of electric equipment and then he said that “with great power comes great resistance”!
  • The wire you waiting for your house’s electric work? Call an electrical engineer fast.
  • You can tell that a person is an engineer when he washes his hands before going to the toilet.
  • Engineering:- the art of using nature’s energy for the development of mankind.

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Best Instagram Bio For Civil Engineer

  • I don’t wear a parka to hide my body, it’s to hide my soul.
  • I like roads, where the pavement ends the civil engineer begins.
  • I’m not an engineer, I just play one in my Instagram bio.
  • The walls have ears, the doors have eyes, and the floor has teeth. So be nice to civil engineers.
  • The more you think about how little you understand, the more you realize how much there is to learn.
  • The best and funniest civil engineer Instagram bios. We got you covered with our roundup of the funniest civil engineer Instagram bios.
  • The average bridge takes 5 years to build and 2 hours to drive over. 🏦 🚗 🏰 💨 #CivilEngineerProblems
  • Welcome to #civilengineers, the best Instagram profile ever.
  • I’m a civil engineer. Kinda like a 🚗 mechanic, but with 🌍 🌊 🌉 and 🌎 as my tools!
  • When you’re not civil enough for civil engineering
  • Civil engineer: It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
  • Civil engineering is just like the civil rights movement, except it’s the civil engineering movement. 👊🏽
  • When I’m not designing bridges, I’m playing with them.
  • Civil engineers are real-life superheroes!

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Best Instagram Bio For Mechanical Engineer

  • If my chemistry is bad and my math is good, then how am I still single?
  • Behold! Our passion for machines. 🤖 * This is my mechanical engineer bio, if you are a fellow mechanical engineer, just copy and paste it in your bio. 😉
  • Happy to be one of the MOST respected professions in the world.
  • Behold! The infinite majesty of engineering. 😎 🌞
  • I can’t fix your car but I can build a robot that can. That’s something right?
  • Mechanical Engineer: Imagineer, inventor, builder, and problem solver, working to make the world a more awesome place. #mechanicalengineer
  • I’m a Mechanical Engineer and I love to solve problems. Usually with hammers.
  • We can’t wait to crush the competition with you.
  • Mechanical Engineering is like a blacksmith for the modern industrial world.
  • I’m a Mechanical Engineer. That means if I have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
  • If you can read this, I’ve made a mistake. 😝
  • I’m a Mechanical Engineer and I love to solve problems. Usually with hammers.

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Funny Instagram Bio For Software Engineer

  • “I code therefore I am a software engineer.”
  • “I code, therefore I am relevant.”
  • “I’m an engineer, not a doctor. If you’re sick, I can help. But if you’re lame, then you’re on your own.”
  • Software engineering takes a lot of intelligence, skill, and experience. It is not enough that you can code, You need to know the business, and the industry and you need to understand the end-user.
  • Does anyone have a spare like I lost mine in the last election? #softwareengineer #brogrammer
  • Want more likes on Instagram? More followers? Join the club 😉
  • When my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be, I chose to be a Software Engineer.
  • I’m a data structure, who’s looking for a sorting algorithm.
  • I’m a software engineer, with a keen interest in software and hardware, and I also love my dog.
  • If you’re not coding, you’re just a hobbyist.
  • Keep calm and code on.
  • I’m so good at coding, so I write compilers in my spare time.

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Funny Engineering Captions For Instagram Bios

  • I’m a silent destroyer. I come without warning and ruin your life.
  • I’m an engineer with a heart of gold. But I’m also made of steel.
  • You too can be an engineer if you believe in yourself.
  • I’m an engineer, not a doctor. Please don’t sue me.
  • An expert at doing nothing.
  • I am sure that the future of mankind is in good hands. 🙂
  • I’m an engineer not because I like math but because I like to build stuff that works 🔨
  • You too can be an engineer if you believe in yourself.
  • I just had an epiphany, but I forgot to write it down.
  • I thought that engineering was about structures and machines until I realized that it’s mostly about breaking things and fixing them
  • In every problem lies a solution.
  • Engineering is the art of solving problems before they happen.
  • Who’s your daddy? Oh, that’s right. It’s me.
  • 💯% Pure 🤖
  • I’m just an Engineer, trying to live my life.
  • Engineering is the art of doing that which isn’t necessary in order to achieve that which is possible.


This list of Instagram Bios for Engineers will help you find some funny and interesting accounts to follow. You can find a lot of great content about engineering, but you might also find a few funny accounts too! We hope you found some Instagram accounts to follow that you otherwise wouldn’t have. If you have any creative Instagram bios, please leave them in the comments section below!

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